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Performance ski package includes skis, boots and poles, helmets are additional

Brand new 2017 demo skis! Head, Nordica, Rossignol and Volkl ski models.

High performance skis to fit any rider’s needs

Professionally tuned and ready to go!

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Nordica Hell & Back

Flex: 120



Comfortable, weather resistant and lightweight, the Hell & Back boots will take you anywhere you want to go on the mountain. Easy to remove hardware, adjustable cuff alignment and Flex with an optional true Canting soles make the Hell & Back your all day all mountain boot.”




Rossignol Experience 84 (162-178cm)

Tip: 1353 Waist: 84 Tail: 120 Radius: 16m@176cm


The all-new EXPERIENCE 84 is a new benchmark in all-mountain versatility and performance for expert to advanced all-mountain skiers. With the heart of a high-performance carving machine and effortless freeride feel, the new Experience 84 features a rounder tip profile with Rossignol’s award-winning Air Tip technology; longer, more progressive rocker for enhanced float and control; and a lightweight paulownia sandwich construction, delivering elevated all-mountain performance across all terrain and snow conditions. Auto Turn Rocker, our most versatile rocker/camber blend, provides powerful edge grip with effortless maneuverability and speed control while Rossignol’s patented, lightweight Air Tip technology enhances floatation and control even further, keeping tips afloat through variable snow while providing instant turn initiation on hardpack and groomers. It’s racing DNA meets freeride. Precision and power meets effortless float. It’s everything you need for the ultimate one-ski-quiver. The entire mountain awaits


Tip: 137 Waist: 80 Tail: 117 Radius: 14.1m@170cm


The i.Supershape Titan has the widest footprint in the Supershape line, making it a fun, all-terrain carving ski for expert all-mountain rippers. It is packed with performance enhancing technology, including Graphene, turbo generating KERS, a super fast race base, our Worldcup Sandwich Cap Construction for edge hold and carving performance and Speed Rocker for easy turn initiation. Combined these make for a versatile ski that knows no borders.

Volkl RTM 84 (167-177cm)

Tip: 134 Waist: 84 Tail: 112 Radius: 16.8m@172cm


The RTM 84 suits good skiers wanting smooth, effortless carving on the front side combined with backside float and maneuverability. It carves with ease, but the feel is incredibly smooth, exiting the turn just as effortlessly as it enters.

Head Monster 88 (163-184cm)

Tip: 133 Waist: 88 Tail: 114 Radius: 17.4m@177cm


Brand new this season, the Monster 88 is a tough, agile, and versatile all-mountain ski that powers through any condition. It is armed with the winning combination of ERA 3.0’s technologies of rocker, radius and rebound as well as the strong Graphene™ Worldcup Sandwich Cap Construction. Dominate the mountain with the Monster 88..

Rossignol Experience 88 (162-178cm)

Tip: 135 Waist: 88 Tail: 124 Radius: 16.5m@176cm


The Experience 88 is the most versatile all-mountain ski we’ve ever built for expert skiers. With the heart of a high-performance carving machine and a freeride touch and feel, this powerful one-ski-quiver delivers amplified performance in all snow conditions. Auto Turn Rocker, Extended Sidecut and Cascade Tip combine for easy maneuverability, playfulness and effortless speed control. Traditional camber underfoot delivers powerful edge grip and confident stability. Experience more whether blasting through chop, ripping through trees or carving trenches on hardpack on this award-winning new breed of high-performance all-mountain skis. 50% Off-Trail/ 50% On-Trail

Volkl Kendo 90 (163-177cm)

Tip: 127 Waist: 90 Tail: 110 Radius: 18.7m@170cm


The new Kendo has re-set the bar a notch higher for all mountain freeriding, with a126-89-110 shape and he addition of tip rocker. With easy handling on the groomers PLUS excellent soft snow performance, the Kendo takes any skier from the bowls to the frontside and back with aplomb.

Nordica Enforcer 100 (169-185cm)

Tip: 133 Waist: 100 Tail: 121 Radius: 16.5m@177cm


Praised by magazine reviews, the ENFORCER is one of the greatest all-mountain skis ever built. Sporting a 100mm waist for versatility, a full wood core sandwiched between 2 sheets of metal for power and stability at speed, a blunt nosed tip to blast through crud, and a low rocker profile for full edge contact on hard snow conditions, the Enforcer is built for those that love to ski. Smooth – Powerful – Playful – Ski everywhere with confidence.


Nordica Soul Rider 97 (169/177cm)

Tip: 134 Waist: 97 Tail: 124 Radius: 14.5m@169cm


With early rise in both the tip and the tail, the Soul Rider is extremely nimble edge to edge and loves swiveling through the trees. With the twin tail, the ski doesn’t lock into turns like a race ski, but it allows you to control when you want to stop arching and start smearing.

Volkl Mantra 100 (177-184cm)

Tip: 132 Waist: 100 Tail: 118 Radius: 23.7m@177cm


One of the most versatile skis ever, the Mantra features a shape of 132-98-118 combined with tip rocker. The wide profile floats in powder, while the carefully matched early rise shape pulls into the turn and maneuvers in all snow conditions with ease. For good skiers who want a powder ski that you can also ride when the mountain turns icy, the Mantra is an easy decision.

Rossignol Soul 7′s  106 (164-188cm)

Tip: 136 Waist: 106 Tail: 126 Radius: 17m@180cm


The future of freeride is here. A revolutionary fusion of backcountry, freestyle, and freeride performance, the all-new Soul 7 is the most versatile freeride ski we’ve ever designed. Powder Turn Rocker’s been redesigned, virtually eliminating “tip flap” while retaining effortless floatation, fatigue-free maneuverability and instant speed control. New athlete-driven innovation, including patented Air Tip technology and a lightweight paulownia core reduces weight by 20% for easier touring, enhanced agility, and ultra-light swing weight. At 106mm underfoot, the Soul 7 is a backcountry and freeride “quiver-killer” whether charging all-mountain, attacking long ascents, or poaching backcountry pow. 80% Powder / 20% All-Mountain

Rossignol Super 7 113 (180cm)

Tip: 140 Waist: 114 Tail: 130 Radius: 19@180cm


The all-new SUPER 7 HD – the world’s most celebrated powder ski – now amplified with Rossignol’s Carbon Alloy Matrix. Updated to deliver more edge grip, stability, dampness, and drive, the new SUPER 7 HD provides the same instinctive versatility and ease-of-use proven to make powder skiing easier, more natural, and more fun, while delivering groundbreaking, high-definition energy, mobility, and strength due to our new, unique carbon and basalt weave. Combined with our patented Air Tip technology; Powder Turn Rocker profile; lightweight paulownia wood core construction; and 116mm waist width, the new Super 7 HD offers effortless floatation, steering, and speed control in the deepest powder you can find. No matter where the snow takes you, whether resort-based or backcountry bound – the future of freeride is here


Flair 78  (141-162cm)

Tip: 126 Waist: 78 Tail: 106 Radius 13@156cm



The FLAIR 78 is an absolute all-rounder which convince with its special DualWoodcore Special Light and the weight-optimized 4Motion XL Light binding system, the ski has been trimmed to the perfect weight.

Head Total Joy  85 (148-163cm)

Tip: 133 Waist: 85 Tail: 113 Radius: 13.6m@162cm


This All-Mountain ski is so light, yet its performance will make you chill even when you’re ripping.Features: GRAPHENE, Women’s Camber, ERA 3.0,Super Light Weight Distribution, KOROYD carbon construction, Structured UHM C base, Allride Rocker.