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Specialized Bicycles 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day Add Day
Leisure Bike (Roll) $30 $55 $75 $95 $115 $130 $145 $15
XC Mtn. Bike (Pitch) $30 $55 $75 $95 $115 $130 $145 $15
XC Performance Mtn. Bike (Fuse) $45 $80 $115 $145 $175 $195 $215 $20
XC Full Suspension (Camber) $70 $120 $165 $205 $240 $275 $310 $30
Tandem Bike $45 $80 $100 $120 $135 $150 $165 $18
XC Kids MTB $25 $45 $60 $75 $85 $95 $105 $14
Road Bike (Diverge) $40 $70 $100 $125 $145 $165 $185 $18
Helmet $5 $7 $8 $9 $10 $11 $12 $2
Repair Kit $5
Wireless Bike Computer $10

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Leisure Bike

Roll Sport Low Entry

Have you ever been described as having caviar taste on a hot dog budget? We’ve all been there, but we don’t think you should have to sacrifice on any of the bells and whistles that get you excited to ride along your path to personal fitness. Meet the Roll Sport Low Entry

Roll Low SPECS

Available in small and large frames

XC Mountain / City Pathway Bike

Pitch Comp 27.5″

Specialized Pitch

“There’s no better time to get out and hit the trail than right now, and with a bike like the Pitch Comp 27.5, this is more true than ever. It features a hardtail design that makes it efficient at climbing and rolling on the flats, while being sturdy and dependable on descents. Meanwhile, our Sport Trail 27.5 Geometry has been paired with an aluminum construction to provide plenty of comfort and confidence over nearly any kind of terrain. And to make sure that your investment in dirt is going to last for the long haul, we’ve thoughtfully selected components that place a focus on durability and performance. Get ready to roll, the dirt is calling..”  -Specialized

Pitch Comp 27.5″ SPECS

Available in 13″,15″,17″,19″ and 21″ frames

Performance XC Mountain Bike

Fuse 6Fattie 29“If you show us a trail rider that says they couldn’t use more traction, we’ll show the trail rider that’s never ridden our Fuse.

We like to call it the ultimate trail hardtail, and with our 6Fattie Wheel/Tire System, this becomes more than just talk. Its 27.5×3.0″ tires put out more traction, more floatation, and better handling without sacrificing anything to efficiency on climbs” – Specialized


Available in 15″,17″,19″ and 21″ frames

Full Suspension XC Mountain Bike

Camber 29

Specialized Camber 29

“Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or cutting your teeth on the trail, the Rockhopper Comp 29 will help you attack the trails with the confidence and finesse that comes with 29er wheels, our Trail 29 Geometry, and a durable, precise build kit.” – Specialized

Camber SPECS

Available in 15″,17″,19″ and 21″ frames

Kids XC Mountain / City Pathway Bike

Rip Rock 24′

Dirt, street, trails—the all-new Riprock 24 doesn’t fit neatly into any one box. It’s purpose-built for fun, no matter how your little tike decides to ride it.

Available in an 1

Rip Rock

Specialized Rip Rock

1″ frame only


Road Bike

Diverge E5 Sport


“With the Diverge Sport, you’ll be prepared for anything, from smooth tarmac to the loosest, roughest tracks out there. It’s packed with all the same technologies as its pricier cousins, only its spec places an emphasis on reliable performance, not components so flashy you’ll be eating nothing but top ramen for months..” – Specialized

Available in 48cm-61cm frames

Diverge Specs


Road Bike Kids

Allez JR


“Created for junior riders, the Allez Junior is the perfect example of good things coming in small packages. To make sure of it, we included short-reach microSHIFT levers with a wide gear range, a Claris groupset, 650c wheels, and a construction that holds nothing back in the performance department.” – Specialized


Tandem Bike



Perfect for an afternoon for two on the river pathways.Featuring adjustable seat heights to fit to most adults. This cruiser will take you around town in style!